Alternative mechanisms for the socio-economic development of Ukraine

The study is dedicated to researching the social and economic processes happening in Ukraine and producing alternative mechanisms of government regulation of these processes. The authors focus on the search for resources for Ukraine’s economic development. In order to do that, they propose to introduce changes into the state’s tax and debt policy, some methods of fighting against the outflow of Ukrainian capital abroad. The book provides evidence for the pointlessness of using neoliberal methods in governing social and economic processes. Instead, the authors propose a number of instruments that could become the basis for providing social welfare and creating the basis for the innovative and sustainable development of Ukraine. The book is targeted at scientists, graduate and postgraduate students, the heads of scientific and educational institutions, professors and students, as well as public officials who deal with the issues of social and economic development of Ukraine.


Alternative Mechanisms for the Socio-Economic Development of Ukraine 

edited by Oleksandr Kravchuk; Translated into English by Roksolana Mashkova. –

Kyiv: Center for Social and Labor Research, 2016.

Authors: Andriy Hladun, Vitaliy Dudin, Oksana Dutchak, Oleksandr Kravchuk,

Mykhaylo Neboha, Oleksandr Odosiy, Zakhar Popovych

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